Wednesday 15 January 2014

Happiness , right now = single parent .

Right now today , yesterday and last week . I'm happy ! 

For the first time in a really long time , I'm not wishing I had something , I'm not missing anything and I don't feel guilty about anything . I'm just happy . 

Now there's plenty of people , who tar me with a brush that says ' your a single mum , your lazy, your unhappy , your a scrounger , uneducated, selfish , it's all your fault you put yourself here '. 

 That's ok they can think them things . 

In actually fact I've struggled with those comments , feelings and self doubts . 

But when I woke on on Monday morning , I realised I'm happy ,. Pure and simply happy . 

I am one very lucky women . I have a stunning daughter who amazes me everyday. I get daily hugs and kisses from a person who loves me with there whole heart. I get to watch a person explore the world and help them on that journey . 

I have true friends , proper friends for the first time in my life . They are truly amazing to put up with my talking habits ;-)! 

I have an amazing family . With are bonds getting stronger everyday . 

I have dreams , I have goals and I'm working towards them :-). 

I have my health and I have strength . 

I have hope , I have belief and I have a smile I'm not afraid to use . 

I'm happy and right now for me , this happiness has come from the good and the times the last 18 months as a single mum has taught me . 

I wouldn't change this happiness for anything !!! 

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  1. What a lovely post!! I hope you're still happy!! �� xx