Friday 27 December 2013

Nomore nighttime nappies !

We started are potty training journey in May of 2013, at 20 months old. 

Well that's when we took the nappies away . We had introduced her to the potty around 9 months .  

It took about a week/two weeks but she got it :-) . 

My daughter has always been a rubbish sleeper , so I never planned in taking nighttime nappies till she was much older . 

We made piddle pads for the car seat , in case of accidents . They have worked well and we are yet to have to wash the car seat . 

So the other week we made a piddle pad for the bed . 

They have two layers of absorbent fleece and one waterproof layer :-). 

Last night I run out of nappies in this house . So we went nappy free :-). 

She went to bed at 6 pm and I lifted her out of bed at 9 pm for a wee and she got up at 1.40 am for wee.  Then woke up at 6.30 :-).   Sucess !!!! 

No more nappies ! 


  1. Congratulations! And thanks for inspiring me. My little boy is nearly two and I think he is ready. Love the idea of the piddle pads. (Visiting from weekend blog hop) x

  2. Oh welldone!!! Its sooo nerve wracking trying to transition from staying dry during the day and then at night... Great idea for piddle pads, I wish I had these for when my 2 where potty training would of saved me having to wash the sheets and changing them all the time :) #WeekendBlogHop