Monday 18 November 2013

Advice , people's views , there ways . Maybe you should do this maybe you shouldn't ?!
 Isn't it hard ? Yd on you demand more help ? Didn't he know what he is missing ?

For some reason people feel I need advice or need to hear there view . Most of the times I brush it off , other times I get angry and sometimes it leads to a really good conversation!!

Tonight I had one of them moments . My daughter had been up most if the night with a stomach bug and I've got lots of things I working towards . Bad timing . But that's life .

 In a text message someone said to me ' you should make her dad take her ' . Share the hard tines as well as the good . He should take her because he isn't having her Christmas .

Every persons situation is different , I'm very happy with mine or have learnt to be .  The simply fact is if I had still be with my daughters dad , I would have been getting up anyways . It's what mums do !

This all lead on to a discussion about how they feel a fathers shoes can never be replaced . That a person can come do a good job and never replace that child's father .

To a point I agree , they will never be there dad by blood , but I do feel that there shoes can be replaced .

It's all down to timing in my eyes . My daughters dad left when she was just over a year . She doesn't know what life is like with a dad who is there every night and at weekends . She doesn't understand the role of a dad .

 She doesn't know what she's missing . To her daddy picks her up a few hours on a Friday , they go to nanny house and play . They sometimes go to McDonald's . She sometimes sleeps at daddy's house although a new thing .  Daddy is someone who comes and goes . Something she does out of routine

The issues or the circumstances around the times he sees his child are always changing and I would never stop he being part of her life . The door is always open where my daughter is concerned . We make are choices and live with what that brings .

I'm sure when my daughter enters school I will have to answer the questions that will come surrounding  daddy.  I know there will be hard times .

I've had discussions with my daughters dad on my fears hat life will move on and he will miss out . I don't have to have these conversations . I do because I car if  for my daughters sake if not his .

My daughter deserves the very best .

But as the same why she doesn't miss what a father does or the role of a father as you will .  How can a person who doesn't know what it's like to spend there time with here child on a daily basis or a person who has never lived with there child miss them .

I don't defend fathers who don't have anything to do with there children . I feel no matter what the relationship with your child's mother you should pay your way , know your child an see the, .

I understand that this is not always possible , I have no know,edge of abusive relationships , and can not comment . Everyone's situation is different and I understand s safety  a first proooity

There are people that have know me and my daughter less than a year . They know everything about my daughter , well almost . They ask about her every day , they see her at least once sometimes twice a week . They don't have to but they care . They want too . Hey might not be round forever  but there feeling a space  hat shouldn't be there to fill , but had been left wide open .

One day I hope my daughter will never have a space to fill , I hope she never has to miss out . But then again I fill any space , I can work harder and we can do it just the two of us .

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