Wednesday, 13 November 2013

We're getting central heating !!!

We're getting central heating ! We're getting central heating !!!!

I'm doing a little dance and hugging my little girl tight ! How lucky are we ?!?!

Having living in rented property before where I had electric heaters I knew how expensive they are to run . Ill be really honest and say I can't afford to use them . It would be like sitting outside and putting pound coins down the drain .
 We're near the middle of November and we are yet to have heating on . Hot water bottles and blankets are ruling the way.

 I was so grateful to receive this property ,it didn't matter there was no central heating or that I don't have a bath just a shower .  We had a place to call our own to be safe and secure .

So when the front door went , I never expected a bloke from housing to ask if I wanted central heating installed !
 I may have got a little excited and stared at him in shock !!

The old tenants had refused to have it installed . According to the man from housing , he just happened to be passing , and thought he would pop in to see if I wanted it installed .

 If I hadn't been here , if he hadn't popped in , we would never have had a chance of getting on the list again . And the application process would have taken so long .

With ever day that passes I realise how lucky I am . I'm glad we live in a country that when your down on your luck you have a saftety net .


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