Friday, 1 November 2013

Sainsbury's toy sale , thanks !

You may think m crazy for giving my two year old beads and hair ties ! 
I sometimes think I'm a little bit crazy . 
We were at sainsburys toy sale , I saw these horses 3 for £2.49 . My little girl isn't that interested in toys more books and puzzles . So I thought it might be a great addition and something she could do with her older cousin too . 

She loved them brought them in the shop by proudly handing money to cashier .  Once home she played for over and hour with them . Mummy helped thread the beads and tie the the bands . 

And for the first time when I asked themselves name she didn't just say horse or blue horse . She used her imangation and came up with a name I couldn't possibly spell .

Goes to show those simply , cheap toys can bring hours of entreat meant . I loved playing with them as much as her too :-).

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