Saturday 28 December 2013

Eric Carle : : Lacing cards

My daughter is born in June . So Christmas a birthdays I try and buy things , to Test her .
 She loves puzzles and any things crafty .

So I thought I'd try some lacing cards . I was going to go for lacing beads but I knew that once she figured it out who to do it wouldn't be much of a Taxing task .

So I went onto amazon and found

They were a last minute present a few days before Christmas . My daughter loves the books ' brown bear , brown bear what do you see' , and most other titles from Eric carle . So went for it !

Upon opening them on Christmas Day , she asked us to open them straight away .

I picked out the easiest card for her to do , and with a tiny bit of help at first . Completed it in minutes . She was so proud of herself !!

When we returned home we got them out again , insisting she did it on her own !

I can see many more hours of threading ahead . I like that there are lots of cards to keep her interested , the are beautiful to look at too .

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  1. That looks a brilliant gift - and fantastic for fine motor development. Looks like she did a great job too.