Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Weighing things up a bit

There's times  when the reality of what I've given up or had to adapt to my lifestyle . Hit me !

Today's one of them days !

I've always had friends , not lots but good friends . Most of my friends without children I have had fir years .

Before I had my daughter , I was at university working on a time consuming degree , struggling with balance a part time job and planning a wedding .

When I came home , I threw myself into a job which included working weekends , nights and evenings .
 Then I went on to take a job whilst pregenant that included working 5/6 nights a week .

At work I've always got along with my work colleagues but when it came to going out for drinks or partying the night away . It just seemed I'd be studying , saving money or having to get home to my family .

So I suppose even before I became a single parent , my social life was always limited due to my commitments .

I have made so many good friends since having my daughter . And even more so since becoming a single parent !

I can fill my day times with friends and things to do !  We have a great active social life in daytimes.  I love it . It suits us at this moment in time just fine ! Perfect even .

So on that rare occasion when I'm child free of an evening . I try and make plans and be busy .

When them plans change or get cancelled I always feel a but Lonley .

I love the idea of starting a exercise class but can't commit regularly .  But I think tommorow I will go for a run or go swimming . Some adult time .

When I look at it I'm happy that are daytimes ate full , I also under stand that this time is just a phrase and I will in time get my social life back !!

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