Thursday 3 October 2013

Before you judge me

Your a single mum , you parent alone . The buck stops with you .

It dosent matter that this wasn't he way it should be , this is how it is .

You cook every dinner , if you forget the food that your fault .

You don't have enough money left for bills , that's your fault .

Your flat is a little untidy, not dirty , untidy that's your fault .

Some other person somewhere in the country made a bad name for single parents , that's your fault .

Your marriage /boyfriend left you on your own , it's your fault .

Your friends don't know how to deal with the fact your on you own , it's your fault .

I could go on and on forever !!!

Were not looking for someone to put the blame on , we are not looking for an easy life , we are not looking for sympathy and were not looking for hand outs .

We are also not looking to be judged , classed as in poverty , we don't want are kids labelled , we don't want limits placed on us , we don't need your advice all the time .

We want some respect , to be treated the same as anyone else .

We aren't scourgners , we aren't begging , we don't sit around watching telly all day , not all of us smoke , not all of us drink , some of us only eat one meal a day so our kids can eat well .

We get tired , we get sad , we miss our friends , we want to achieve our dreams , we want for a lot the same as you .

Don't form a judgement in us based on what you think you know , take a moment , talk to us .

I can't put all 2 parent families in the same category nor can I single parent families .

But what I can do is treat any 2 parent family/single parent family with respect , I can ask questions look under the surface and keep myself from judgment .

One day those who have judged us may walk in our shoes , I hope they will never be labelled as scourgners and lazy . I hope people treat them with the respect they deserve .


  1. Absolutely brilliant post, definitely from the heart and very recognizable for all the single parents in the country :)

    1. Thank you . These came after speaking to a lot of single parents , great to get of chest !

  2. This is a feeling I remember oh so well. Isn't it a shame that the majority are judged by the minority! Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo x