Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Review : Ozeri gree earth pan 8"

Currently on special offer at £24.95. 

The packaging on this pan is very stylish and there's not much of it which is great . 

I first used this pan to cook onions and found it easy to heat up and cook with . 

We eat a lot of omelettes in this house hold , so I put the pan to the test on this next . 

For the first time in ages I didn't burn the omelette and the pan was the perfect size for this ! 

It was easy to wash up after use and looks stylish in the cupboard . 

All in all we found this pan did the job and liked the fact it was Eco friendly . 

Disclaimer : we were kindly given this Ozeri green frying pan to review  in return for an honest review . 


  1. Very jealous. I wanted to review this one, but we ended up with our second choice. Sounds like it performed as good as it looked.

    1. Yes very lucky to be able to review this one . It's really is a great pan . :-)

  2. We loved it too - I am now in love with the brand