Saturday 4 January 2014

Rainy days !

So we have a flat full of toys , books , paints and puzzles . My daughter loves to speand days playing with all the things we have . We are very lucky !

We can watch DVDs , we can play games we can cook !

I don't mind the odd day in the week were we stay at home . I think it's good for little miss. It gives her a day where she has my whole attention . We can do things she loves !

She has loved this rainy weather . We walk the dogs in the forset in our waterproofs . We splash in puddles . We watch disney movies . We have play dates in other people's houses occasionally.  We play lots of games . We build train tracks .

I however am finding it a bit tedious now !

I think maybe because we have just had Christmas , money is tight. We can't get out as much as we like , I'd rather save our fuel for days were we can go to the beach , meet friends or go to the libary .

With the cost of fuel , then any activity like soft play at the lowest price of £1.50 up to £4.95.
Or swimming at £4.30. It just seems your always paying out.

I talk to my friends regularly on social media sites and texts throughout the day. But with all the rainy days and the Christmas period it am sometimes feel like we don't see anyone on a daily basis .

I think that maybe winter is a hard time for many , we are all juggling finances . Heating, food , fuel it all adds up .

My daughter ris happy tot sit and play for hours . Well sometimes 10 mins without asking questions , asking for helping or wanting to play with me .

I have speant the rainiy days so far sewing , studying, chatting and playing with,y daughter. I've loved it .

But as there are a lot more rainingy days to come . I'm starting to crave some adult time. I would love to go to the cinemas, out for dinner with adults or bowling.  All things thati know cost money .

I'm going to save a bit everyday so next week I can go out and do these thing or at least one.

There's on,y so many rainy days I can take . Only so many children's activitys . Only so much extended fa,ily time .

I need quality time with my friends child free for a few hours .

Ill be back to 100% very soon I know . That sun wil be shining before we know it !!

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