Thursday, 2 January 2014

Questions ?!

So the night has come I'm on my own .
No little miss.
I'm tired .
I feel Lonley .
I'm annoyed .
And I'm debating if I've made the right choices along the way.

I have questions I'm not sure I can ever find the answers to !

Is it easier being a single mum in your teenager years ?

In you early twenties ?

In your thirties ?

In your forties ?!

Is it ever easy ?

Are we always judged ?

Are we always wrong ?

Do we always have to give up things ?!

I'm craving that freedom , that freedom to do what I like when I like .  That freedom of being single with out commitments.

No I don't want to give up my daughter . No I don't ever for a second wish I never had her . I'm a better person for her . In fact I'm the happiest I've ever been , all down to her .

I choice to have my daughter youngish ! I chosse to stop my career where it was  as family was more important !
I made to choice to not my daughter in nursery .  Do I regret it no .

I think we can always wonder can't we . We can always imagine what the other side is like .

Would be making opposite descions would I have reached my goals earlier . Would I be happier ?

Would I still be lonely  at items ?

Would I have found someone who loves and respects me by now ?

The simple fact is I wouldn't change the realonship I have with my daughter for the world .

Sod I feel that being a single parent has help this bond then , the answer is yes !

I think the hard times have made us stronger , I think the Lonley times have made me , happier in the busy times .

So yes tonight I sit on my own . And yes I wish I could be somewhere else , wish I could be with someone else .

But the rain dosent last forever . The sun will come out soon enough . These stormy days will soon be over .

All good things happen to those who wait right ?

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