Friday 3 January 2014

Words can hurt !

I'd like to sit here and say , that words don't hurt .  Especially words that come from past loves or people who have wronged you .

But it's just not true sometimes the words people say hurt . Maybe it's looking at someone you once loved and shared you life with .

Over the past year and half . I've heard the words ' I don't love you anymore ' , ' your not a nice person ' , ' your selfish'. . I've heard them all !

Today I heard , ' I just didn't want to live with you ' .

They hurt for a split second . But I amit they hurt .

Then I remembered I'm the happiest I've ever been and thankful for being here in the place with my daughter .

So although those words hurt ,n they didn't matter . They didn't matter because the smile from my daughter can wash away any hurtful words in a second :-)

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