Saturday 21 September 2013

A book to melt you heart :-)!

Keep love in your heart little one by Giles Andrea and Clara Vulliamy .

I first lucked up this book in our local library a while go , I was looking for some lovey dicey bedtime story's too help my little on with bedtime reunite!!

I read it once not really paying much attention to the words , to the read it again and had tears in my eyes !!

What a fantastic way to say those things we often forget in our busy life's !

I'm sure this book wouldn't be for everyone but for anytime I feel life is getting away from me , or I feel guilty for not spending lots of attention on my daughter I read it , we'll get it out the local library :-)!!

One of my favourite quotes out the book is 'you live as though life's one huge present , unwrapping a bit everyday , that's how we all should be living , my love '

I feel that all this book your reading to children , I think it holds a things for the reader/parent too , things that we forget with being so busy with adult !!  Like  ' for sometimes we need to be flat on our backs before starlight begins to appear'

I for one love this book and will be adding it to my little miss Christmas pile because I need a little reminder and heartwarming story once and while :-)!!

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