Thursday, 19 September 2013

I don't class this as poverty !

 So According to the government I live in poverty because my current situation means I recive  benefits .

Now don't get me wrong without the help I'm am given for my rent , I wouldn't be able to afford a place of my own .

As a single mum to and under 5 then yes I do have a lot of help .

But this is a temporary measure in till I am able to find decent aid employment that fits around childcare and my situation .

In currently study at home( paid at my own expense) , volunteer my time to help others in my situation and am getting ready to launch my own business venture , whilst looking after my two year old .
 I far from sit around watching telly all day , or plan from making this a permant feature .

 In actually fact for 7 months I didn't apply for all I was entillited to because I felt bad , ashamed to accept help .

I am fed up of single parents as scourgners and people acting like we chose to be in this situation .

No I can't speak from everyone and everyone's situation .

I read this moring that because of all of this myself and my daughter live in poverty . I know there are just governments big words and they have to put people in brackets .

But poverty just seems wrong , my daughter dosent  live in overtly she is well feed, has clothes on her back , access to books and learning experiences . We have running water , heating and shelter .

 I hate that someone would describe her as living in poverty , it really really annoys me.

Theirs children in this wired who have no home , no clothes and no warm bed to live in , no foid in the tummy that to me describes poverty !

 In this world were so quick to judge and label , without thinking how it would affect others !

Rant over !

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