Monday, 30 September 2013

Getting things done with a toddler

Last year after my husband left I decided it would be a great time to start studying again . I speant  hours online courses .

I finally decided on a level 3 alchol and drug counselling course . I have previously worked in the care industry with adults and children with learning disabilities/changeling behaviour .
I loved my work and hope to return one day .

 Addiction has always been an area that has interested me to know more about , I hope to go on to volunteer within that area .

 Study house give you a year to complete your course . Well that deadline is up on the 10 th October and I have just today completed the course .  I thought at the beginning I would be into studying using my free time of an evening to study .

But in reality I used the first six months to heal for my marriage split and find myself again .

Now for some reason I study better in little miss naptimes or when she's busy doing an activity . Strange I know !

I don't have access to word at my house so have been travelling to my mothers house to use there laptop to complete assignments .  My mother isn't always there so sometimes I need to type up assignments and entertain a toddler !!!

Today was one of them days , so here's what I did ....

I set up a little work station by the patio doors , do I can watch little miss play whilst studying . It worked well for a while . In between the toilet breaks , helping baby down the slide and bubble blowing I got a bit of typing done !

When the garden got a bit boring she moved inside and on to puzzles . 

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