Tuesday 24 September 2013

Stamping :-)!

Yesterday , little miss was having a weird mood day ! Lots of crying and testing limits , so I put my thinking cap on , took a deep breath and started again :-)! 

On Friday the www.treatstoylibary.co.uk came to the children's centre . Perfect timing for us as craft seems to be our favourite thing at the moment . We picked up a stamping pad for £1.95. Easily washes out of clothes and perfect replacement for paint . 

Whilst dinner was cooking I laid out a piece of old wallpaper and gave little miss some stampers . 

She was in heaven !! 

Yes I did make that mistake of putting on my carpet , doh !! 

The hallway in our house still doesn't have carpet, so moved the stamping into there . 
Perfect timing as little miss started hand and foot printing. 

30 mins later , one happy toddler and one dinner cooked !!  


  1. I've just bought some stamps for my daughter this week! Looking forward to testing them out on Thursday when I'm off work :) x

    1. Did you test them ? Hope you had lots of fun :-)!