Wednesday 18 September 2013

Up , down , up down I wana sleep !

You know them nights , when your tired , you've spent the day running around wearing your child out , you know there tired , you see it on their eyes !!

But when bedtimes comes , you know dropping that afternoon nap or that extra 20 mins at park was a bad idea !!!

Just changing into bed clothes or mentioning bedtime leads to the meltdown . There over tired !

You feel guilty , you feel tired and you need that cup of tea /glass of wine in sofa !

You out them to bed you , read that story , a kiss good night lights off .

The sofa is calling , you almost make it when ...... The footsteps start , the crying happens !

We all differ in our parenting techniques and we do what best for us . The rapid return , the cry it out ...e.t,c .

For those lucky enough to have a supportive partner , who will tag team with you or just have that glass of wine waiting for when you win .  It's still hard for you guys . And the night paragraph applies to you as we'll.

For those who may not have the support they crave or for those doing it alone . If you feel anything like me at times some nights when this happens , it like water of a ducks back . Your strong you can do this man you could go all night if needs be .

 For those times when you feel poorly , your tired or you have jobs to finish the fire you can relax . You just don't feel like being matching man right night .  You may in your head like I do pled with your little ones please mummy's tired .
 Or you may as I do at times hat myself say ' mummy loves you but she really needs this time '.

 It's hard and that dosent even include those times when it all gets too much and the tears fall .

I find myself thinking I'd love for someone to help me , I'd love to be asleep . You feel alone .

 For me all them guilty feelings disappear when I get that smile and I love you the next day .

But my goodness was it was still hard and I doubted myself a thousand times the night before !!!

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