Sunday 15 September 2013

East dorset children's centres a lifeline for our family !

Are local children's centre has become are lifeline , a vital part of our routine .

 We recently moved area not far only 10 mins away , but a big enough distance to make travelling to are old play groups an expensive venture . We still attend a few when we know are friends are going :-).

The children's centre in Verwood is located In the hub a community centre in the town , it does have its own building which is a bit of a shame for such a big town it could really do with one !

We have been attending there messy play sessions on a Thursday morning since little miss was 6 months old .

So when are moved cane we venture over to there nearest location to us which was ferndown children's centre, located in the first school .

I was amazed having not been there before . You have to ring a doorbell to get in , with a door that locks ( no escaping toddlers).
 As you walk in there's a baby area with two sofas and a hatch to sign in and grab a hot drink .

All the furniture is toddler /baby size , with a small person size toilet at the back of the room ( amazing when you have a recently potty trained toddler ).

Chalkboards attached to the wall , shelfs full of toys clearly labeled , a book corner and plenty of messy play activitys !!

But it gets better they have a garden !!! Having recently moved into a flat with no garden , this made me on very happy mummy !!!

Full of things including a boat , playhouse , water feature and sensory activities :-).!  Just amazing I could sit back and relax and my little miss didn't get bored once !!!

Well since that day in June , ferdiown  children's centre is a huge part of our week , with friendly staff and actities such as paint my daughter loves .  Even better there activitys run though the summer !

The thing I find as a being single parent to a toddler is that sometimes it feels like you could go days without seeing anyone or talking to anyone , with the children's centre we are certain of a warm welcome and someone to talk too !

I wish people would use them more as some sessions are poorly attended , the more people attend the more donations they receive , the more people register with them , the more they see the need for these services .

We for one would be lost with out there services , so huge thank you to east Dorset children's centres for you services and smily faces :-).

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