Friday 15 November 2013

I think our brain works in magical ways

Do you remember having days/experiences when you swear your never going to forget how painful/bad/embarrassing the situation is ?!

They always say about child birth , you remember the experiences but your brain blocks out the pain , when you remember back on it ! Others wise women wouldn't keep having babies would they ?!?!

This time last year I was still dealing with my marriage break up , my nan had just died and my daughter was teething 7 just 7 teeth at the same time . Sleep wasn't happening , tears a plenty and consent lows .

A year on . Yes I can remember the key facts and some of how that felt . But the worse of it I can't . I'm sure if I really thought of it , really dug into my memory's .
 But on just saying were I was and what I was doing . Those painful moments don't make me want to hide.

Maybe it's because I picked myself up and brushed myself off . Maybe I just don't wana believe they existed . But I really really really believe the brain in magical ways !

I recently had a friend who's father in law was in ICU for a few months , he was in clear sound mind although poorly . He can't tell you much about his time in there . I believe that's the brain working its magic .

This may not be true , it may just be my wishful thinking . But I honestly think its are brain magical way of keeping us going .

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