Wednesday 27 November 2013

I'm hiding in my bed

Oh baby girl , please can we go back to 7am wake up calls . Please .

Before 6am is to early for mummy . I know you don't understand time and your just learning how to use you groclock. But when mummy says don't get up till the sun comes up , could we make it when the sun outside the window gets up please .

You've never been a good sleeper , unlike some of your friends who have a regularly 12 hours sleep !

Winter and cold dark mornings, are yucky to wake up early too . Mummy dosent want to watch ceebies for hours till the rest of the world wakes up !

I would much rather you wake at 7 am and have the energy to run around the park with friends . We could make things , jump , dance play puzzles . You wouldn't get tired so quickly , I promise you'd enjoy it more .

I'm hiding in my bed right now,n whilst you watch telly in the lounge with your breakfast . The fact were in a flat means , I can hear everything your doing ( and ceebies). But baby girl mummy needed 30 minutes more !

I love you baby girl , but mummy's not getting up to play before 7 am , especially when it took over 2 hours for you to go to sleep last night .

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