Thursday 21 November 2013

My grown up girl !

Everyone has already said your a bright girl . I tend to nod a smile when people say this , not wanting to seem like an overachiever . 

But to me baby girl you are amazing . You were walking at 9 months , talking at 10 months and potty trained before two . I've never compared you to anyone else , I haven't read parenting books and am unsure of milestones your suppose to reach . 

Even as a baby I've talked to you about everything , involved you in everything I do ( will almost). You used to sit in your bouncer and watch me do he chores . We have sung nursery rhymes daily since you were 3 months and before . I loved learning them all again . You now can sing at least 5 with out any prompts . 

I took you to classes such as baby sensory and rhythm time . Not because I wanted push you but because you loved them . 
We attend messy play , cooking classes , music class and play sessions at the children's centre because you love them ! 

We go to the library at least once a week because you adore books . Even before you were one you would have mummy and nana reading stacks of books to you every day . 

To some they will look at the list of things we do and think mummy is crazy , or going out her way for you . To mummy if you love it , it burns energy and were going o make friends why not ! 

I still always feel I can do more , you asked to do dance classes and I plan on getting of into swimming lessons . But unfountantly penny's are tight at the moment . But I promise one day we will . 
We have lots of puzzles in our house , because you love them . Mummy is great at sourcing a baragin. Often picking up new changeling puzzles for 50 p second hand . 

People tell mummy she spoils you but in my eyes you can never have too many puzzles and books . If you play with them and use them and I can find a baragin why not .

The other night you were completing a puzzle , an orchard toys gingerbread house puzzle 35 big pieces . We have done this puzzle a few times before but you've all needed lots of mummy's help . This time although you wanted me next to you on the floor . You completed it with minmunal help . 

Baby girl your amazing , truly amazing thank you for an amazing 2.5 years . I am truly blessed to have you in my life !  


  1. Looks like you might have a jigsaw fanatic on your hands. My son had the bug when he was younger and we had to buy countless jigsaws to keep up with the demand.

  2. Aww what a clever girl you have! You should be so proud x

  3. You should be very proud - not only of what she has achieved but what YOU have as well :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. what a really beautiful post honey it gave me goosebumps reading xx

    thanks for linking up such a lovely post to #Magicmoments xx