Thursday 14 November 2013

Oh no ..

So last week we went on family hoikday to centre parcs longlet . Ever since my dads 50 th birthday we always go away .
 I'm very lucky that they still invite us and to have the chance if a proper hoilday . Even better this year as I am mental n a much better place .

So the Sunday before when little miss woke up with a roaring temptureture of 39.6 , rash and runny nose . Sadness started to kick in . I really wanted it to be a great time away , a chance for my parents to enjoy time with her .

So mission lets nip this in the bud began !!

Medciene , blankets , mummy cuddles and Disney junior to the rescue .  I was on edge all day as my daughter has had tonsaltis 3 times this year . So was praying it didn't turn into that !

Around about 4pm , I switched telly off and braved getting her to do something else .

Now it might only have lasted less an 10 mins , but I got her doing some puzzles !

It felt like a huge achievement and gave me hope for the following day .

We were very lucky that it was just 3 days of high temptureture and rash . She does still have a cough and snotty nose still .

But it didn't ruin the hoilday for anyone . Best of all my dad got to speand quality time with my little girl :-).

I am if course very lucky to have a healthy child . My heart goes to those who aren't so lucky .

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