Wednesday 20 November 2013

Simply trip turned into adventure !

So I had bright idea . I needed to do things later in the flat . Thought be great idea take little miss on the bus to ringwood to singing time at library .

The colder days mean coats , more stuff .  Getting to bus stop decided I needed to go back get my gloves .
 My neighbour saw me and after chatting said they were heading the same place , would we like a lift ?!
 Yes please , saving penny's and hassle of bus journey one way . So of I trot of back up flat to get car seat . Fit it in the car , along with our bags , fold down pushchair , strap child in .  All with lovely   neighbours watching .

On arriving at library , realise I'm an hour to early !! Let little miss play . Then have to persuade her we really need to do chores then comeback for singing . Cue melt down with library assistants watching !

Shops done , managed  to avoided the awarkd conversation with an ex boyfriend !

Library singing was good , did its job !

Then we meet a lovely lady who we meet yesterday , who lives just down round from me . New friend love it !!

Also got chatting to a lady who was a single mum with her first child . Always brightens my day to hear people's story's and make friends !

Then rush rush catch the 12.15 bus . Pouring down with rain too late to put raincoats on , better run!!!

Get to bus stop only to find out it wasn't 12.15 but 12.20 bus . Cue stares from older people there soaked child isn't wearing coat . Little miss decides great time to have meltdown .

Thought as bus was just round corner step out of way of glares . Cue hail storm soaked ! Get on bus give wrong money hold up queue waiting in hail storm !

No seat on bus as full of older generation .

Still raining when we get back . Run upstairs with bags , down again . Up gain with toddler , down again . Up again with pushchair, down again . Over to neighbours to collect car seat , up again .

Such an adventure but a worth while one although I'm soaking wet and would like a shower . One more thing to run ear rads for my mother then relax .

Love it !!!

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