Tuesday 17 September 2013

Accepting and making our flat a home !!

 So my marriage break up happened at the end of August 2013.  We had been living with my mother and father , about to venture into the big world of mortgages !

The break up was sudden , my husband went out for a evening with work and never came home .

I loved my husband , and for all are issues no seemed uh fixable . I always new I could look after my little girl on my own , and that as well as being my strength is /was one of my weaknesses too .

So after that initial I wana try save our marriage , I want him back stuff you go though .

I remember looking round and thinking I'm living in a room which has held so many happy memory's but it is also the room I shared with my husband in a guise that's not mine , in the bed we shared , under the covers we brought on honeymoon .

If it wasn't for having my daughter to think off , I would have brought a new bed , thrown myself into work , gone away for a while , chucked everything ok and start again . But finances and my resobalities wouldn't allow .

I started looking at places for myself and my daughter to rent . Mellon I live in Dorset it's expensive to rent here and in the 6 months since we had previously rented prices had gone even higher .

A two bed flat is easily £650 a month .

I keep applying to estate agents looking for property's .  On one occasion I walked into an estate agents asking if I could go n there waiting list .
 The lovely middle aged assistant , who of cos had a wedding ring on her hand informed me ., ' to be honest a landlord is more likely to go for someone who had a well paid job , rather than someone who accepts help from housing benefit' .

 I informed her that I had previously rented with there agency when I had been in full time employment and with my husband , and that I had not choose my situation . Walking out saying thank you for all her help :-).

I fully understand that private landlords may have worries (and insurance issues)about renting to a
person who needs assistance from housing benefit . My aunt had a horrible experience with one of her rented property's .  But I feel that character and a persons situation should be looked at before judgement is passed .

Anyways having applied to the east Dorset housing register in the October of 2012 , I never expected or thought we would ever get placed with them .  Are first application was thrown out due to forms not being filled in correctly .
 So after reapplying in March 2013 , we were suggest full in securing and interview for a 2 bedroom first floor flat in June 2013.

It was made very clear on interview that we were second for this property and were unlikely to receive.  I was in shock that after all the rejection of nearly a year of looking we were getting somewhere .

Interview day , the lady left saying if the other lady accepted we were out the picture .

The lady did not accept the flat it was ours !!!!!! The tears starting falling boy was I scared !!!

We accepted the property without viewing as it didn't matter it was a starting point an we were grateful for being given a chance .

We moved in on 29 th June 2013.  The flats don't come with carpet and decorating is up to us :-).

First thing I did was decorate my daughters room pink and purple , she choose blue carpet :-).

Then the lounge as this would be my daughters play area . My room didn't matter and still doesn't have carpet ,but we have home .

The plaque pictured I had custom made and will hang in our lounge , see a blog at later date .

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