Saturday 14 September 2013

Shoes , for little feet that grow fast !

Shoes , shoes and a few more shoes !!! 

In my daughters short 2 years she must have had more than 10 pairs , starting at a tiny size 2 right up to her current size toddler 6. 

First place that comes to mind when you think of buying shoes is Clarks

 Not if you child has slim feet like mine she is a slim width E !! 

So shoes mean for us and expensive trip to Our nearest start rite stockist !

These little shoes set us back £44 !!!!!! Yes you heard me right £44!!!  

They support her ankles and have good grip , let's just hope they last us all winter , like her last pair did ! 

So finding slippers is quite a task as well , we went to marks and Spencer's , the other day . I let little miss try out a few !
  She chose a nice pair of rabbit slippers priced at £8

My question to you lovely lot is , where do you guys buy shoes from ? Any good places to get slippers ???!??!?!

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