Saturday, 14 September 2013

Saturday a day to make new friends

Today EJ and I decided to make new friends . 

A couple of friends back we meet a lovely lady and her little girl , at playgroup . We had got chatting and turned out she also was a Newley single mum !!! 

We clicked , and could have talked for hours .  With no time to switch numbers a quick ' add me on Facebook'  .......

Facebook friends and quick shall we meet on Saturday , a new friend was made . 

Too other people it may seem strange I would write a post about this !! 

But you see when you've been going to playground , made friends with people . Then all of a sudden  something happens in your marriage/reason ship . 
No matter how hard you try , no matter how much you do wanted it too , there because a distance a wedge . 
 Without knowing you put people in and odd situation , should they mention the break up , should they invite you to things . 

 I'm not saying everybody and am no way trying to insult my friends who are married and have kids . 

Most of the time it's men, people will ask a innocent  question , and you feel out of place . 

You look at people's wedding fingers are they married , will they judge me ...

So when you meet a person you click with with kids who is in almost the same situation as you .... It's a bit like Christmas !!!

It's a,most a bit like for 5 minutes of you day  someone is in the same boat as , and for the 5 minutes your world seems ok again :-). 
 Or maybe for them 5 minutes it givres you sent gets to pick yourself and get on with you journey !!

So here is to new friends :-). !!


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