Wednesday 25 September 2013

Feeling bleugh !! Need a good nights sleep!

So on Sunday night little miss screamed for two and half hours before bed .
 Made me feel pants after a lovely busy day out why wouldn't she sleep!!!!

On Monday night she took 30 mins to settle . Then woke up at 10.50pm .
 I had a banging headache and let her sleep in my bed :-(.  Just felt too poorly to fight !

On Tuesday night she went down at 8 pm  ( little later because of afternoon nap).
She woke at 3.20 am to come in my bed !!!!

I'm used to bad nights sleep , she is not a good sleeper . I've tryed everything !!!

I would just leave her to get on with it but I live in a first floor flat with neighbours that
Would be unfair .

People say to me all the time being a single parent must be hard ....

My honest answer is I enjoy it ( maybe because I've been in the realonship that turned sour) .

But the only times its really hard is when your poorly ,you want to sleep and you can't .

Everything becomes difficult  , you feel guilty your not performing at your best , those things you feel happy with seem not so sparkly anymore .

I will still get up and take her tomorrow,any group , I will play games , I will still do everything I would usually do .

I would just on days like this wish I had someone there for me when I hit the sofa  or bed . To put there arm around me , hug me tight and tell me that it's ok , I'm still a good mum !!
I hate it because I never feel like my daughter should suffer because mummy's not running on 100%.

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