Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Forest school !!

Forest school is an activity provided by East Dorset children's centre , held in a hidden garden in the centre of Wimborne Dorset .

 I children climb , run , hide , discover , dig and much much more !

 There is no planned activitys ,. You come and explore to garden with your child .
 In boxes around there are slaes and buckets . Water butts and tins . Twigs , sticks , leafs , tree stumps and even woks !!

Children are enforced to do lots by them selfs !

For a family like us with no private back garden it's a fantastic resource!  I know other family's without garden use this facility too .

Whilst my little miss was exploring today , I got talking to the lady who runs the activity , turns out she was a single mum for a time too !!

If there's a forest school near you I highly recommend you take a trip down there :-)  .

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