Saturday, 14 September 2013

Venture into the world of blogs

So last year , when my daughter was 14 months I became a single mummy . 

It was without a doubt a horrible , eye opening , life changing time . I had put all my energy effort , money into my marriage and family . 

To be left with no really closure other than the words ' I don't love you anymore ' . 

Other the next few months my reason ship with my daughter grew stronger and we are now make such a fantastic team . 

But during that time I dealt with the sad faces , people who didn't know what to say , friends who seemed to take 7 steps back after every text . 
 Family who had be hurt and had to heal too . 

I felt alone , guilty , hurt , ashamed , not good enough , unwanted , guilty , lonely ! 

I also on the flip side grew closer to a old friends and made new ones . I realised how lucky I was to have such an amazing little girl . 

But I felt lost like none else was in my situation , I had no place to go when my daughter had gone to bed to chat . 

So A cup of tea and chat Facebook page was set up . 

A place to chat , have someone nod in agreement and not feel alone . 

This blog will be and extension of that page , a place that I can rant about my feelings and hopefully allow , there's in my situation to know there not alone . 

A place to laugh smile and enjoy the life as a single parent . 

 I can't promise it's going to be a pretty journey but I hope it brings people a small piece of peace to know someone can voice there feelings for them :-). 

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