Saturday 5 October 2013

Chores made fun :-)

I'm not sure if its because when I was a kid ,I was always had to help my mum with the house chores and found it quite fun .
 Or because I'm parent her Alone and need her to help to get things done . But my little miss helps me with the household chores . She has done since she was about 18 months .

Now don't get me wrong , when I say help I mean if I'm dusting she has a duster too . If I'm hoovering she has her toy Hoover too . And when a out the recycling out she it's the bottles in the bin .
I don't expect her to do them off her own back but encourage her to join in .

 The other day we brought a new second hand pushchair of a Facebook site . It needed a clean and as she will be using it I asked her to help .

 The excitement was unreal , she couldn't wait to help !
 She knew exactly what to do and was happy to have her own cloth :-).

15 minutes later on clean pushchair , on soaked little miss and a chore checked of the list :-)! 

Often in out house you can hear the Disney tunes on the iPod and use jumping around like frogs doing the household chores ! Never a dull moment :-) 

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