Sunday, 20 October 2013

We went ...

Today we went to church .  I have always been on the edge when it comes to what I believe .

I like the knowing that when the hard times come , I have a place to go and something to believe in .

Many of my friends are strong in the faith , they live by the rules and they attend there place of worship regularly .

I've always been in envy when those lonely times come of those who have a community to fallback on .

Today I went to church . I choose this church because online I had seen they have a crèche in a separate room , with audio to the service and a window to see .

We sat with everyone else but little miss was restless so we spent most of the service in the crèche .  Little miss was worn out from playing with there fantastic range of toys . And for me I got to sit on the sidelines and take what I needed from the service .

I don't come from a family of strong believers in faith . So for me to go today was a big step . I'm not saying it will be right for us , but without trying how will we know .

Today we did it , we haven't told are family , we won't tell our friends just yet . But we did it, we went to church and enjoyed it !!

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