Saturday 19 October 2013

This is just a phrase just like every other one

You know , you've taken them to the park , you've treated them to cake , they've speant time with the friends . It's wasn't an effort you enjoyed doing it .

 Then the throwing themsleves on the floor starts , just because . The crying over a crayon , the I'm not going to walk anymore . There making it hard as possible .

That's when you rember there only 2 . They need to learn ,there testing the boundaries , waiting for you reaction .

We all go though it as parents , we all did it to are parents , we all learnt and we all found our feet.

It's just a phrase . The same as the I'm going scream at 2 am to play stage , the same as I'm not going to eat that stage , the same as I won't share my toys stage .

On the bad days you feel hurt , even close to angry . Why are they doing this ? Everyone is full of advice , that you simple don't want .

On the good days you remember that you will see the other side , just like you did all the others :-).

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