Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Watching her first storm together

We've just watched are first storm together . Of course there's been other in her life time . But this is the first one that has landed when we can watch together .

We're in a first floor flat so great viewing platform .

At first she wasn't too interested and I kind thought that would set the scene . So I turned the telly back on .

But as the flashes and rumbles got lounder/brighter she too notice .

'Look mummy there's a big flash' . 'Oh I hear a noise' . ' (screams of excitement) more flashes'

On of the cutest moments was when the heavy rain cut the tv signal out . She asked me to take her to window , once there she said ' goodbye storm.' Then turned around to me and said ' mummy I said goodbye , will tv work now ' .

We facetimed nana on the phone to tell her all about it , even though she's only 5 mins away now .

My daughter dosent at this present time have things she's scared of and I'm glad she enjoyed this expernice .

To some they may wonder why I wrote about this . For me I wana remember those excited screams and cite sayings . The tiniest of things bring the biggest smiles !!

Mid lighting flash photo :-)

Yet another memory , love this life !!! 


  1. I think you're right to encourage her to enjoy the storm - much better than being scared. Had to laugh at saying goodbye to the storm to get the tv back on.

  2. So cute saying goodbye to the storm. It's fab she's not afraid, storms are really rather majestic

  3. Thank you for you lovely comments . I try to encourage her not to be scared of things , she's naturally such a curious little miss .

    I had to write down the cute things she said as I didn't want to forget :-)

  4. I love watching storms! They are so exciting. I still get excited when there is a storm now!

    So brilliant to share this with her and us!

    Jumped over from #FridayFun

  5. Bless her - this is so cute, great she wasn't scared :) Thamks for linking to PoCoLo x