Friday 4 October 2013

Some autumn craft at 6 am

My daughter likes to get up early.  I like to wear her out so she sleeps longer .

A bit of leaf rubbing . She found this quite hard but the again she's only two . 

Glue the leaves . Mummy must not help me !! 

Lots and lots of glue 

Finished :-)!  

Mummy got a but carried away with the leaf rubbing , but I don't mind I got to glue :-)! 

These leaves were collected from are Sunday afternoon walk in the forest. 

Love my little crafter in the making !  


  1. lol there is nothing like some super early activities lol

    1. Haha it's when you've done so much look at clock and its no even 9am!! Lol

  2. This looks ace and is on our list to do over the autumn.

    Thanks for linking up with #FridayFun @mummytoboyz

    1. Thanks Nd was a pleasure still making my way though al, the great blogs too read :-)!