Sunday 13 October 2013

Discovering a new library

We love library's ! My daughter absolute loves books , we have bookcases full at out flat and at Nana's house . I don't blame her for loving books , I do too !! 

I have been taking her to our local library in Verwood since 3 months for Rhyme time , we both learnt are nursery rhymes from there . 
In January we discovered Ferndown library, bigger than Verwood  library with lots more books to discover .  In winter you could often fins us in there for a few hours at a time . 

So having moved to the border of a new county , I decided we should pop on the local library . 
I thought it might have an ok children's section , it would be good maybe some different books . Didn't have high hopes . 

How wrong could I be ?!?! 

My little miss ran in , as excited as could be .  Straight to the colouring table , with paper and crayons .
All that could be heard when I was signing us up at the desk , was mummy I'm colouring , I'm happy . 

She got her own little card , well 3 actually two able to go on key rings . 

She was so very excited about the colouring it took a full half an hour for her to notice the books !!  After potty training little miss I always got a little nervous staying too long in a place without a toilet , such as other two library's I mentioned . 
But this library has a toilet  and a children's centre built in !!! 

They run regularly story times, rhymes times and special events for half term . 
There's a huge selection of cushions, beanbags, sofas and bookcases to choose from . 

You can take up to 30 items out at one time for 4 weeks .  We came away with 11 books to read , with plans to return for a few more this week . 

Local library's are great free places to visit and what's great is in a children's section there's no pressure to keep your little one quiet . 


  1. We love our local library! They are such a great resource. From bounce and rhyme times we just go now to spend an afternoon looking through books!

  2. We absolutely love our library! is so lovely that she had a great time there.

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  3. looks like she had a really lovely time xx

  4. That sounds like an amazing library.
    I must take my kids back to the library again.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids