Friday 11 October 2013

Knickerbocker glory game by orchard toys

We love love orchard toy games in this house ! My daughter has been playing them from about 18 months . I used to hunt round the car boot sales finding them to play with my niece when she was little and puzzle crazy !!!

 The quality of the pieces of there games can with stand a toddler !!

They have helped my daughter learn her colours , numbers and animals and she's only 2!!

So when we were in the toy exchange today and I saw the orchard toy games in the side . I may have got a little too excited !!

 We came away with the 'knickerbocker glory' game for just £1.50 bargain !!

I couldn't wait to play !

My daughter was trying to get in the box before I could even take the keys out the door .
The game it's self says from age 3-6 . But like with most of there games there is so much for the younger ones too .

The game comes with 6 cards , lots of fruit pieces to fill your cards and two dice , one with numbers and one with colours .

We choose to play with the colour dice as my daughter is unable to count yet . 

She understood straight away you had to throw the dice and look at colour . She needed help with putting piece in right places. I asked her to tell me the colour and what fruit it was . 

She was so happy with the finished result ! 

We had to complete all the cards , meaning 3 games she love ethics game ! 

Thank you orchard toys for yet another brilliant game .


  1. I like Orchard Toys too. Their dinosaur race is Austin's favourite.

  2. hello coming over from Monday mingle . I am one of your newest followers on Google+ . I have never heard of Orchard toys before but I am going to check them out after I write this.
    I would love for you to visit me.