Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A little post about a bathtub :-)!

You may be think I've lost the plot posting a photo of a bubble bath !

I'm often asked how I cope , how I'm so strong , how can I just brush things of ? Or turn negatives into positives ?!

Well quite simply , when you have a little person to look after and none coming to help . No magic paintbrush or quick fixes . Those are the only things you can do !

Now the bath tub !!!!

My daughter has always been a terrible sleeper , it was over a year before I had a bath to myself again .  Can't say I minded love sharing baths with my baby :-).

My daughter went though a phrase of going to bed at 6 pm not long after my marriage broke down .  I was living in my mum and dads house  and often felt  the need to escape . Find a place I could just be .
 Whether that be sad , be tired , be happy , just a place for me !

I would run the bath after my daughter had gone to bed and , stay there for asking as I neede.

The bubbles and hot water helping heal wounds that couldn't be seen , I didn't need to answer anyone in the bath ,mi didn't need to remember .

It was the one place in that house I didn't have memory's of our marriage .

It was also a happy place , I would quite often get disturbed by my daughter who wouldn't settle . For the days I didn't feel that super strong to return her to her bed a 20 times. I'd let her join me :-).

A place to sing , share story's , listen to music and steal sneaky hugs !

Of course it was full of toys and bottles . I would get the knee in the belly , water in my eye . But I didn't care .

I think that bathtub help me do a lot of healing and as I had my last bath in there yesterday ( mum and dad are moving). I felt like saying a slient thank you for all those quiet times :-).

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